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This image shows artist Amy Adams in a light blue shirt with a light blue head wrap. She is smiling and is sitting in front of a painting that features two dancers who face each other. The painting is large, the dancers are appear to be exactly the same with the difference in complexion to one another. They are a reflection of balance.



Amy Adams is a Massachusetts Latina artist who shares her passion with the public by using visual art. Amy has always loved the use of painting with acrylic, to bring items and canvases to life. She believes that each object, canvas or space lives and carries an emotion. She uses that to inspire how she exhibits what she sees. Growing up in a challenging environment allowed her to focus on art as an outlet. This practice has influenced Amy to focus on life and human connection imagery through art. 

Amy served as Artist in Residence for Natick in 2021-22’. She used art as a channel to connect support groups and people of diverse communities. Amy is also a Franklin Cultural District Committee member and part of the Franklin Artist Association dedicating her time to building a strong sense of community with its members through the use of art. She is constantly learning new skills and mediums to convey messages of hope, acceptance and love while bringing awareness to difficult topics. Amy intends to continue using her art to provoke dialogue about our need for uplifting images, connections and acceptance of diversity through the use of color.

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