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This image shows artist Amy Adams in a light blue shirt with a light blue head wrap. She is smiling and is sitting in front of a painting that features two dancers who face each other. The painting is large, the dancers are appear to be exactly the same with the difference in complexion to one another. They are a reflection of balance.

Amy Adams (b. 1979, USA)

Resides in Franklin, MA

Hailing from "The Bronx" in New York City, Amy Adams is a feminist edu-activist artist who utilizes visual art to foster community building and connecting others. While growing up in a challenging urban environment, Amy discovered art as a powerful outlet for self-expression, which helped center her artistic journey around communication. Although her educational background initially leaned towards a medical profession, Amy's artistic evolution sprouted from experiences and a deep willingness to learn.


In 2021-2022, Amy served as Artist in Residence for Natick, Massachusetts, with a focus on social justice and its interconnected subjects. She used art as a conduit to help diverse groups explore topics related to identity, equity, and access to find common ground and bridge divides. 


While Amy prefers to work with acrylics, she also embraces a variety of mediums.She has led art programs and projects with K-12 students as well as adults. Amy's artistic journey has left a lasting impact on communities throughout Massachusetts and beyond. Her art collections can be found adorning various settings, including art theaters, schools, public areas and the private collections of art enthusiasts. 


Additionally, Amy proudly serves as an Adjunct Faculty member at Dean College, where she actively engages in shaping the artistic minds of the future. She firmly believes that art is a powerful conversation starter and one of the most potent tools for driving meaningful change. Through her art, Amy intends to continue  fostering dialogue, introspection, and the acceptance of diversity, through the use of color.

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