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Being Seen

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

There is more to "seeing" a person than simply knowing they exist. With years of practice, most of us are able to put a smile on our face and wear the mask of perfection quite well.

As Artist in Residence for Natick Center Cultural District, our last community art workshop and installation explored layers of seeing each other as individuals and what our struggles are. We shared some of the ugly words people used to scar us. We worked through unpacking those and shared a connection that reminded us all how important it was to acknowledge the pain of the people around us. The response created an immediate shift of energy. Participants shared messages of positivity, encouragement and support without knowing directly who was holding which scar.

So the question is: Can we do it... as a whole, step outside of ourselves? Can we as a community, be willing to acknowledge each other's pain and help one another as we would do for our own child, sibling, or parent? I hear stories about how we are all different quite often. The truth is we absolutely are. Our history is different, complicated and intertwined. Our cultural backgrounds are different. We have separate religions and separate views of all types. But what is certain is that we are capable of care and understanding for those who we love. Perhaps if we took a moment to SEE how vulnerable we all are, we could see how much we share in common.

"I Am Here" is an installation with personal contributions from our community ( to be featured on lawn of First Congregational Church in Natick 7/31 @ 11AM ). It shines a light on Mental Health's large umbrella including everything from Depression, PTSD, Eating Disorders (+) , as well as how some relate to addiction and tragically... loss.

My goals are to raise awareness of how many people are actually affected within arms reach of us.

Begin to normalize supportive conversations and resources in our community across cultures so we can help if it is our child, sibling, parent or even ourselves who had been placed under this umbrella.

Build more community so that WE could help each other,

our children,

our siblings and

our parents so we don't have to struggle alone.

If we care enough to look past the initial beautiful mask, we may be able to see the parts of others that need to be seen more clearly without judgement. Can we do it? Can we look inward and remember to look outward so would be able to acknowledge those struggles and support others in any way we can? After all, wouldn't you want your own loved one supported if you didn't know that they needed you yet? Would it make a difference if they weren't alone?

"I Am Here" fits every perspective.

From the role IN NEED of support "I Am Here" because they are.

From the role of the Immediate Supporter "I Am Here" because they are.

From the role of the Transitioned "I Am Here" because their memory will always live with us.

From us, who are learning to support others better "I Am Here" because WE are,

and as a united community, WE are a FORCE.

If we make the time to SEE each other, we can help create accessible support and opportunities for everyone.

To follow more on this installation and upcoming events with Amy Adams, follow Facebook Page

To see the artwork above in person visit Natick Town Hall where it is currently on display or visit the website for details. https://www.PaintingVenus.Art

For Natick Center Cultural Art District Events

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