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When words aren't enough....

I grab my paintbrush and proceed to release the weight on my chest along with the thoughts in my head and heart. It allows me to share the story or release the pain I am carrying at that moment. Its therapeutic to feel the weight travel through my hand as I watch the paint slide off the brush onto the canvas that revealed itself to me. I begin to converse with my canvas because I already see what it will look like when I am done. Sometimes, I find myself feeling anxious as my impatience builds. It takes time for the image to develop on the canvas the way I see it, the required layers, the details and the hidden secrets and the messages within the painting.

My process allows me to take in the emotion and feel it so deeply that I have no choice but to share it. There are voices that need to be seen, yes seen. Because we live in a world where we aren't hearing each other... I mean, we aren't listening to each other. So art is my way of contributing to what needs to be seen. I say it often, art is very personal. Every piece is different and not for everyone to consume.

I always hope that when I create, the art gets to be seen by its intended receiver. I may not even know who that is but, I do know that my art is meant to heal and bring love. So the messages they carry are always balanced.

When I am moved to share art related to current events, I am also moved to find ways to have the viewer interact with the piece. The art is meant to be a starting point for the conversations to begin. My goal is to amplify and arrive to highlighting messages of strength, love, unity and hope. Finally, I always hope that once the image has fully escaped my mind and brush; that it will be SEEN, just as I saw it in my mind and heart. I always wonder if for the viewer, the message was received.

Recently, I was selected as the first Artist In Residence for Natick Center Cultural District in Massachusetts. It will be focused on social justice and four interrelated principals: equity, access, participation, and rights. I am overwhelmed with excitement and joy for the opportunity to include the community in using art as a tool to enhance how we share messages in our work. I am grateful and I cannot wait to share in this journey.

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I appreciate your sharing this information about your thoughts and feelings related to the creation of your art. It gives me insight into your motivations.

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